My name is Marijke van Welzen, a.k.a. art2wear.

Education: teacher-training college Textile arts and craft / English.

I have always loved working with textiles. As a kid I saw my mum and grandma doing needlepoint, knitting, crochet, you name it. Of course me and my sister learned these techniques matter-of-factly.

We made our own clothes from discarded curtains and tablecloths, which we dared to wear to parties.

Nobody seemed to mind, it was the 70ies after all!

When the time came to choose a study, I knew I wanted to do “something with textiles”. That wasn’t as easy as it seems. There was a change in the Education system at that time. My Mum found a brand new study: Textile Art and Crafts at a Teacher training college. I had to choose a second subject, there weren’t that many options, so I chose English. I graduated and started a career as a teacher in both subjects. Unfortunately the Government came up with a No-Nonsense scheme and Textiles was abolished at most schools. That left me with teaching English as a paying and part time job and working with Textiles for pleasure.

Since the year 2000 I make wearable art and accessories with a story to tell under the label art2wear. I mainly use fabric collage. Using many tiny pieces of fabric and colourful machine threads I ‘paint’ my designs. Appliqué, stencils, stamps, beads, ribbons, lace and anything else I think I can use, finish the piece. I usually work very intuitively, sometimes I use a mandala drawing I made for inspiration.

My first jacket, which I made in 2000

Which I still love to wear

I have won several prizes with my garments. I try to take part in exhibitions regularly, like in British Quilt & Stitch Village 2018

 I also teach workshops in the techniques I use. After my retirement (soon!) I hope to teach abroad regularly!

I will exhibit my coats in Luxembourg in May 2018 at the Luxembourg Quilt Festival 2018

I hope to make you as enthusiastic as I am for making Wearable art. I will show you how you can start by up cycling existing clothes, like a denim shirt or jacket and perhaps I can even entice you into making a jacket from scratch, like we will be doing in my Masterclass in March at Hawar in the Netherlands.

Along the way I will do a couple of giveaways like a set of postcards of my work, a book I have been published in, a box of Thread ( as I have won so many I can’t all use it myself) 

Let’s start by giving away three sets of postcards of details of my work.

All you have to do is follow my blog and tell me what sort of things you would like me to blog about.

I will randomly select three of my followers for this give away.

So stay tuned!


  1. Susan Vile

    Lovely jacket. I have always made my own clothes but now I can combine my love of patchwork/quilting with making my own clothes. The jacket I made was for my City and Guilds course, however now I am going to wear it to my sons wedding in September.