I was lucky enough to receive a bundle of Makower stripped fabrics to review, yippee!

There were twelve 9.75 – 10 inch squares with a thin stripe design, the colours were vibrant and the fabric soft. The edges were pinked which I am not usually a fan of, as I tend to look as if I have been through a ‘fluff snow storm’ whenever working with pinked fabric, but I was happily surprised that this fabric did not shed at all.


I decided to make a thread catcher with the fabric, all the different colours worked well together, so I selected 8 and cut them into 5 inch squares. The fabric cut well and did not fray.

I stitched random squares together, 5 in a row, and 3 rows deep, making sure that I did not join the same colours together as I wanted to have a scrappy effect. The fabric sewed together well and did not slip.

Once I had my pieces all joined up I ironed the fabric to make it lay flat, again, the fabric was easy to iron quickly and did not require lots to toing and froing.

I cut out the fabric to the sizes that I needed for my thread catcher and it all sewed up quickly. I put some boning in the rim to keep the rounded shape and I filled the pin cushion with rice and hey presto, it’s done in just over an hour.