I have been asked to review this Bobbin Rack, so I have tried to be methodical about it – I hope it makes sense!

I have found this item on the internet between £8 and £20.

My thoughts when I unpacked it: 
That’s very small!  I had understood that I was going to receive a thread stand to review – then I read the label on the back and realised it was a bobbin rack, not a thread stand.  It measures about 6 inches by 5 inches, and when opened up to stand the depth is about 3.5 inches.

Materials and construction:
Wooden (with a couple of screws and staples).  It is set up with 16 pins, and 2 fold out legs on the back.

The rack is advertised as taking 32 bobbins (2 per pin).  It can actually take 48 bobbins (3 per pin) with no issue – even on the short pin (see below!).  I tested with Janome bobbins, as those are the ones that I have.  As I received it as a thread rack, I thought that I would try thread spools on it.  It takes Gutermann 200m spools with ease, and will even take an Aurifil 750m spool – although you would have to use every other pin for those.  The thread spools used for embroidery, with the flared bases, also fit well.  These would fit on every pin.

Hmmmmm.  One of the pins is slightly shorter than the others, but this is only aesthetic – it doesn’t affect the working of the stand.  There are 2 separate legs which fold out at the back to allow it to stand (in an A type configuration when looked at from the side).  However, on mine one of the legs folds out more than the other. It doesn’t really affect the stability, but it does wobble slightly, which is annoying. I think my view of the quality would depend on the price I had paid.

Would I buy one?
If I am honest, probably not.  I don’t use vast numbers of different bobbin colours, so I don’t need to readily see them.
I can see it being used by those who use multiple colours of bobbin thread and want to get at it easily.  Given that it takes decently sized thread spools too, I would use it to keep my current working threads and bobbins together conveniently.  I can very much see it working as a ‘project stand’ by those who do applique / embroidery who would like to keep their working colours to hand.

I hope this has helped and that you have got some useful information!