I’ve slowly begun to pick up some sewing over the last few weeks. I was doing some housework and noticed there wasn’t a quilt on any of the beds in my house. This thought nagged me for a few days until I rummaged into the ufo box to see what was in there. I found a circles quilt that my neighbour, also my tutor thought would be a great learning curve. I’ve finished cutting it out and began to pin pieces together. I’ve been watching tutorials on how to sew curve.

I’m preparing projects ready for the school holidays, so I can enjoy several sewing days a week if my plans come together!

I’ve also discovered the  inktense pencils, I’ve used tea tree gel to set the colours but I was not expecting the colours to pop as they have done. It’s amazing to watch the picture come to life.

There’s designs are from  nifty-needles.com she designs amazing item from redwork, patchwork, bags and inktense projects. The feature picture is also one of her projects. The pattern and instructions are incredibly well explained and easy to follow.