In the last blog I left you part way through the painting of the dragon. Finishing that bit was only half the journey. One this was finished all the background and the outer edge finishing had to be done.

So, back onto the frame it went. I wanted the background to have a meaning to the dragon, so I added swords and shields to represent the mythical battles between man and beast, and the main area had to represent the scales of fallen dragons. The edge finishing was going to be something completely new to me, and I have to admit, I didn’t know if it would work, but I wanted it to be curved with pieces added to the back to represent other dragons in the background of its life. All a little bit deep I know but when dealing with mythical creatures you have to have a bit of an imagination and poetic licence. 😉

Once back on the frame the grid work for the background design was stitched and then I could get on with all the ruler work to create the design. Now at this stage you can guess how long it will take, so think of a number of days and double it, at least. Days later the background was finished but that created another problem, lots and lots and lots more threads to knot and bury, again (must make a mental note to find designs that don’t do this to me lol)

Knotting and burying finished (two days) and now the really scary part. I have to mark the shapes I want and then cut it. Yep cut out the shapes. No going back once this bit is started.

Breath a sigh of relief, no slips and the shapes are cut. Now back to square one. Draw, stitch, paint all the shapes that are going to fill the curves. Now another fiddly bit where I create the beads to go around the outer edges. Each bead is fed into a tube, stitched between it to create and outline, paint each with a base coat remembering to paint the bigger ones a different colour, and then paint them all again with the gold highlights.

Now all that was left was to put them all onto the quilt and the separate pieces, then and add the binding. Once that was done the extra pieces then had to be added to the main piece. A good few days later and it was all done.

Now to name it. How did I do this? Well I used an App of course, yes there are apps out there to name your dragons. One came up with the meaning of Longtail, and as that is exactly what it has, and I could say it, it was named Veothass Drago. Whether it is male or female is up to you.

It had its first outing at the FOQ and I was over the moon to hear that it received a Highly Commended.

Lots of this quilt were a first to me, and I hope it encourages some of you to give things a go. Just because you haven’t done it before doesn’t mean that you cannot do it. You just need to try. If you have any questions about Veothass Drago please let me know and I will answer them. Until the next blog…