Thanks to and and EQS for the opportunity to review this Sew Easy product called Foldable Cutting Mat.

It measures just 12” x 18” when folded, which will make transporting to classes etc much easier.

Opened out it measures 24” x 18”, but advises not to cut across the fold!

I dutifully renewed the blade in my rotary cutter to give it a whirl and have to say because of the matt surface it held in place nicely, cut like dream and left no cutting scar on the mat at all.

The front is marked out in inch squares with an added metric ruler down one side and across the bottom.

It also has 30, 40 and 60 degree angle marks.

The reverse of the board is completely blank.

The main advantage of this mat for me would be the fact that it folds in half to transport.

The only disadvantage, as I can see,  is that they advise not to cut across the fold, which slightly defeats the object of buying a larger mat that folds in half if you can only use one half at a time….so you would only need to transport a smaller mat anyway, wouldn’t you agree?Or am I missing something?

The cost of these are approx £25, which seems a huge outlay, but cutting mats seem to last for ages and as long as the fold holds out, it should be a good buy, especially if you are transporting a lot.