Firstly, I would like to introduce myself, I am Stacey, first time blogger. Some of you may already know me from the Postcard swapping group (shout out to all my fellow admin). I have some how managed to agree to do a bit of series on Social Media Safety. I do currently work in a well-known high-street bank. Unfortunately, a lot of our time is now spent helping our customers be aware of potential scams or helping them when they fall victim.


Now this is such a huge and broad subject, forgive me if I do not cover everything. In my rough initial planning, I think I have decided I will create 5/6 blogs covering a huge scope of subjects. Maybe drop me a comment if you think of anything I have forgotten, or you would like to see.

Shall we get on with our first blog then shall we: An Introduction

Can I please start by saying that I do not want to create a state of panic or fear about using your social media or even the internet in general? It is an ever-changing technology that we all must get our heads around using. The naughty ppl (as my two little boys would refer to them) do not raid banks anymore. Why would they risk the physical presence of running into a bank and violently threatening staff and customers to get their hands on (may I add very small amounts of) cash. For anyone who has watched Sky 1’s The Heist in the last few weeks, I promise you most banks do not handle that much cash anymore. The modern society just does not deal in that much cash anymore. No, they don’t risk it. They sit at home with some techno know-how and use social media, cold calling and emails to get the unsuspecting victim, to hand over the money from their own accounts.

This is where we need to be savvy about what we are doing online. That harmless game you play with your fellow Facebook friends, that innocent-looking message from a distant friend, even a reset password email. Can all be a front trying to get some information off you, which will then be used to access a bank account, disguise some ill-gotten funds (money laundering) or access your own internet banking.

I want to stress again! Please do not suddenly think that you can’t do anything on social media now, or that everyone is out to get you. They aren’t! It’s just being aware enough to question WHY?

WHY? Is this unexpected email asking me for this info?

WHY? Is this distant friend who I haven’t spoken to in a couple of months/years etc trying to get me to make a payment using Paypal?

WHY? Is this webpage after this info? That it should already know/doesn’t need to know?

If you take anything away from this first blog I hope it is just the useful awareness of asking WHY?