I wrote earlier on this page about my long journey with my quilt “Travelling with Kaffe and Dijanne”.

The first blog was about what got me started with it: my dear friend Donna. Read that blog here: https://ukqu.co.uk/blankets-and-fabric/

Before I knew it, I tore up an old bedcover and dyed it in the washingmachine. You can read that blog here: https://ukqu.co.uk/journey-travelers-blanket/

In the meantime, it is finished! Finally…

At least, I finished the intrinsic quilting in May: before we went off for a week holiday.

Part of the front:

part of the back:

Now it was just the binding, the hanging loop and the nametag…

I am so very satisfied with the looks, and the way it feels. It is lush, it is flexible and so soft…

And that is a little battle to send it off… I had to. I apologized to it… Sorry baby, You are going to enter a beauty contest…

Coming week it will be in the show at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham. So will I. Like a proud mom…It was a long, very long pregnancy. And a heavy delivery. And then sending your baby in the world, hard job!

Respect for “reallife” moms!

So, will you let me know what you think of it when you visit my baby?

I would love that!!!

Love, and see you!?