Do you know that feeling?

That a quilt is “ready to be born”, you bought the fabric, you have the pattern at the ready or the drawings done, and you really really are longing to make it?


There is always so much to do. Work. Housework. Garden. Children. Family, friends, everything seems to cry for your attention. Even those windows… They want to be cleaned NOW.

My workroom is too small. I have to write those reports. I have to go to the F.O.Q. in Birmingham. And after that, we’re going to the States for our holiday.

Before you know it, another week gone.

And another month gone.

And it’s not that you’re not sewing, or making no quilts at all.

I worked on this: pieces of BORO for a workshop at the shop in Utrecht

I worked on this, which will be shown in Birmingham

I worked on this: painting fabric with salt from the dishwasher

But that one quilt that is brooding in your head… when will I make it?

I have one of those projects in my head.

It scares the (s)crap(s) out of me.


Very good question. After about 9 years of quilting I know what I am able to do and also, what I want.

And this one is waiting.

For years now.

I just keep feeling unprepared, and scared. I did pre-studies. I painted. I took photographs. I drawed at the scene where the statue hangs. And still scared.

I bought the fabric I think I need. Years ago… I have a big frame that I think I need. I drew a construction I think I need. Do I need something more?

A little sneak preview:

Courage. I know its courage I need.

And also, the ability to stop myself saying “but”.

Well. In the meantime I got my workroom expanded, more than enough space.

I should start!


Month after month, year after year.

People. Help me.

I really want to start.


Love Hilda