It is time again for another stash busting idea – a bag holder and this make will be perfect for Fat Quarters. As each bag only uses one FQ, you may need to make a few of these…

The bag holders originally were a great way to gather all freebie plastic bags we got in the shop. With larger retailers now charging for plastic bags (in line with UK regulations), many of us use ‘bags for life’, netting bags or fabric tote bags to carry our shopping. Many Councils still require us to dispose of our general waste in black bin bags and some collect recycling in plastic bags too; so I still believe there are a ‘need’ for some bag holders; for small or large bags; plastic or fabric bags.


  • One Fat Quarter per bag holder
  • TWO elastics, each 10″ long (I used 6mm wide, but anything less than say 8mm will be fine)

Useful tools:

  • Rotary cutter and ruler
  • Large-ish safety pin
  • A pin
  • Sewing machine and thread

Making the bag holder

Take the FQ and cut off a 2″ strip along the longest side. This is your hanging loop.

Fabric for hanging loop to the left; bag to the right

Take the hanging loop and fold 1/4″ in on each side. Then fold in half so you have a long narrow piece of fabric. Top stitch in place. Press and put aside.

Take the remaining fabric and fold in half so it creates a tube as long as possible. Sew a straight stitch along the longest side (aim for seam allowance of a pressure foot width, 1/4″ or whatever you prefer, I am not picky).

At the bottom end, fold in 3/4″ to the wrong side, fold again. Top stitch, leaving a 1″ gap to insert the elastic through (wooden tool refers). Make sure there is at least 1/2″ between the folded edge and the top stitching so the elastic won’t be too difficult to get in!

Repeat at the top, ensuring you also insert the hanging loop before top stitching. Again, leave an opening of approx 1″ so you can insert the elastic (wooden tool refers, again).

Left to right: Opening for elastic, seam allowances pressed open and the hanging loop

Turn the bag right side out and secure the hanging loop at the top of the bag. This is best done before you insert the elastic, but still possible to do afterwards if you forget (like I often do).


Insert the elastic at top and bottom. Secure with a knot or two (I do a ‘double-twist’).

Tip: When inserting the elastic, I find it’s easier, if I start in the direction where the seam is. This way I have the difficult bit out of the way early on. Use a pin to secure the loose end to the fabric so it doesn’t get pulled through by mistake.

Start in the direction of the seam

Fill the bag with your choice of content and hang it up, ready for when you need it.

Uses could include storage for;

  • Bags for life or fabric bags
  • Knicker or socks (just put the clean ones in at the top, a lucky dip of sorts…)
  • Tennis balls
  • Fat Quarters
  • Wadding or stuffing
  • Scarves or ties (again a bit of lucky dip…)

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