Have you got too many fat quarters gathering dust? Two of them can rather quickly be turned into a really useful little bag.

For newborns, the bag is perfect for a few nappies, wet wipes, bottle, muslin, dummy, nappy creme and a spare baby grow. When the kids get older, they love to use them for their treasures…

I have made MANY of these and they are always popular as “new baby” gifts. The pattern is super easy; it’s really the fabric that makes the bag.


  • 2 FQs (non-directional fabrics will make it easier)

Cutting out

  • Bag:  Cut 1 x A3 sized piece from each of the fabrics
  • Handles:  Cut 2 x 3″ x 10″ (select one of the fabrics for this, or do one of each)

Making the bag

Fold 1/2″ in at each side on the handles. Then fold along the middle.

Sew together with a top stitch. Put aside for later. 

Next, take the fabrics for the bag itself. Fold the A3 fabrics, right sides together, to create an A4.  Sew along the two short ends.

Put the two bags right sides together, ensuring that the handles are in place. I usually put mine approximately one quarter of the way in, as shown in the photo below.

Location for the handles (sides not yet sewn in this photo)

Starting just before the handle on one side sew along the top of the bag, all the way around, stopping just after the final handle, leaving a gap between the handles in one location.

Gap for turning the bag

Turn the bag right side out through the opening at the top.

Top stitch along the top of the bag, at the same time as closing the opening. This will also provide some extra stability to the handles. 


Give the bag a quick press.

Fill the bag with all your (baby’s) essentials and you are ready to go.

Below are a few others I have made.

Feeding apron, odds and sods bag and wetwipe covers

PS. A free tutorial for the wetwipe covers can be found on my website.