December 2020 and facing more months of lockdown and no more groups to attend wasn’t a very pleasant thought, the lack of company, the lack of motivation and the missing of all the fellow ‘crafty ladies’ of my groups. I host 2 groups on a Wednesday, 2 on a Thursday, together with my hobby group and another that I attend, what are we all going to do! An idea starts to emerge and I message those I have contact for and tell them I’m going to be starting a hoop embroidery stitch-along and were they interested in joining in.

Rules, loosely classed as ‘rules’ were put forward for all to see and the marking of the fabric for the hoop with suggestions on what was expected together with making sure there was no pressure, no expectations but to enjoy the monthly ‘meet-up’. We were to have a month to work on each section this would hopefully also allow a quick finish and then to go on to working on other projects if they wished. I did not want this to take up a lot of time or to cause worry to them, it was to be fun, and we could all gee each other along as the months progressed.

The fist instructions were posted and saw us all cover our hoops, fit our fabric and mark out the sections as per the instructions posted on the Facebook page. A couple had to await delivery of their hoops but continued with the rest of the requirements. One rule was that the centre section was to be left blank, this will be our last task and if I am honest I still don’t know what the ‘rules’ will be for this.


Must do ‘rules’ for all sections are: Each section to state the month, a particular stitch will be announced that has to be incorporated, there maybe other ‘must do’s’ as each month comes along and will be listed at the beginning of each month. At the same time a few hints are given as to any significant dates within the month that they may like to incorporate into their piece. A finish date in the month will be given, this is usually the last Sunday of the month, they are to send me a picture of section and any explanations as to why they have stitch what they have. I then can adjust the pictures and load onto our facebook page for all to see. You too can take a look by clicking this link here.

Sue E

We have a few that found it wasn’t for them but are enjoying the hoops unfold each month, motivation has been lost, life has got in the way, a few are a month behind (this includes me) and some are enjoying it that much that are impatient for each months ‘rules’. We have complete beginners, to those that have dabbled to those who just love this type of thing. Whatever ability the months coming through are imaginative and a pleasure to receive and reveal for all to see.


The Facebook page has all the months ‘rules’ and anyone wishing to use these and join in are welcome to jump onboard.


This is my January and explanation – Broken bone (started the year with one), red cross (hospital visits) boobs (mammogram), walking boots, signpost & W (for all my walking this month and for Woody my walking partner for many of them), upside down padlock for lockdown!

This is just a selection of what has been done, stay tuned for the update with all four months for each person photographed together.  They are looking brilliant and I can safely say the photographs do not do justice to actually seeing the embroidery in the hoop.