Oh boy, where do I begin?

I started my quilting journey less than 3 years ago, and I’m totally hooked, some might even go so far as to say that I’m an addict.

I have made quilts for everyone in the family, some members even have 2!

I have made quilts for friends, their children and grandchildren too. I get so excited when I hear that there’s a new baby on the way…

I have donated some quilts to the local neo natal unit via my quilting group, I have given a quilt or two to other charities too.

I have sold quite a few quilts to friends and family when they have needed a special present.

And I still have a huge stockpile of quilts on the bed in the spare guest room, at the last count there were around 24 completed quilts of varying sizes from crib size to super king, on the bed.

In one of my cupboards I have at least 10 completed tops, just waiting to be sandwiched and quilted. And still I can’t stop making quilts…..

I just enjoy going through the motions of cutting, piecing, sandwiching, quilting and then binding, as soon as I have finished a quilt, I’m just itching to make something new. I try and make a different design with each quilt I make so I am always learning new techniques or layouts, which for me is the really fun part.

Now the problem is my family, particularly my hubby, who is complaining about the number of quilts that I have and keeps saying that I need to sell them. And in a way I do agree with him. I can’t afford to keep giving the quilts away, to family or charities, which I’m sure you ladies (and gents) will understand, after all, the fabrics, wadding, threads etc are not always cheap to buy. Besides, I need to recoup some of the money to buy more supplies!

However, I just enjoy the whole process of making quilts and don’t want to turn my hobby into a business, as I’m sure that it will not be as fun anymore but I do need to clear some of my stockpile out or stop sewing, gasp, as I’m running out of space.

I’m dreading Christmas when I will need to move the quilts off the spare bed so that family can stay over, and I will have to find somewhere else to put them all, where I don’t know!!!

What do you all do, when your stockpile starts growing and getting out of control, give me some tips please?



  1. Candy

    Oy Ami, you and me both. I just love the whole process, from purchasing fabrics to handsewing the final binding stitch. I have a massive pile too. And it’s growing. What to do with them all is a constant question. I need to find my habit, but selling doesn’t seem an option. I have no answers …..

    1. Ami Richards Post author

      It’s so hard isn’t it Candy?!?!
      I’ve now got a new website so that I can sell some of the stockpile because otherwise I just haven’t got anywhere left to store the completed quilts or the money to buy more fabrics….

  2. Teresa Barrow

    There is no cure known to any avid quilter or their partner. Tell Christmas visitors you are doing panto and re-enacting the Princess and the Pea fairy story by making them climb onto a fabulous bed layered with quilts! I love your “Explore the Unknown” quilt for made for Quilts for Care Leavers … Fabulous by the way xxx