It’s a very strange time we are living in right now. Wether you are working as one of our wonderful key workers or doing your bit by staying at home. We are lucky, in at least we can occupy ourselves with our stitching. So I have been keeping a diary of sorts, stitched and written and of course featuring my alter ego Gulliver . Here a few of the things he’s been getting up to.

Of course one of the most important the most important things we have been told to do is wash our hands. Gulliver really enjoys doing this, we are getting through a lot of soap!



In the early days lots of folk panicked, not our trusty feathered friend of course.


Well he had to be sure didn’t he.

We are good at social distancing too



One thing I had never seen before until we moved to the seaside was an ingenious way that gulls actually do feed themselves


They dance with their feet tapping on the ground. To fool the worms into thinking it’s raining and then they come up to the surface where a hungry gull will snaffle them up.

Of course Gulliver isn’t happy at all about being confined, but will do all he can to help


We are all learning new ways of keeping in touch. Zoom meetings


We do enjoy our one allowed walk a day for exercise.


There are so many things and so many people putting stuff on line for us to enjoy. We watched the live streaming of Joseph.

What are you doing to keep boredom at bay?