Having received 24 jelly roll strips in 8 colours from the Rainbow Etchings collections produced by the Cotton Craft Co and designed by Stuart Hillard, I had to get my thinking cap on to how I would use these.


After the initial oohing and ahhing over the receiving, I settled down to look at the designs depicted on each of the pieces. There are 4 designs, rainbows, raindrops, clouds and the sun printed on 16 colours with 4 colours to each design.

16 colours in the range

Noticing almost immediately that 3 of the 4 designs are directional and would need to be considered in the making, together with these bright colours which are not a personal choice of mine, I needed to decide on a quick make and a make that I could give to someone who would appreciate the colours and designs more than me.

Lacey taking to the modelling  like a pro!

After sifting the directional fabric strips to the non-directional I decided to make a summer skirt for one of my granddaughters,  Lacey,  who is very girlie and likes anything bright.

After joining the directional strips together and cutting into 5.5 pieces I joined all with a sashing of the 2 non directional fabrics, alternating the two colours as I joined. This oblong panel of brightly patched pieces were joined into a large circle and completed by binding the hem line and attaching a second strip to the top and and folding over to create a tube to take the elastic thereby creating the waist.

My granddaughter was pleased with the skirt especially as 2 days after making she was flying to Portugal for a beach holiday and after modelling for me for this blog hastily packed it away in her suitcase.

My end review on the fabric after my make is that it’s a good quality fabric and retailing at £8.75 per metre from the Cotton Craft Co a very reasonable purchase. I’m not particularly a lover of directional fabrics for quilting, but then if this doesn’t bother you and you like the fabric there is nothing holding you back from buying. I would consider this to be a youthful age range and if I were to purchase this then the sun print would be the only print that would appeal to me. I’m sure you will not be disappointed in using this range. Also looking on line at the full colour choice there is a colour there to suit most.

Spot the deliberate mistake……………one of the raindrop prints is upside down………………now you can see why I’m not keen on directional prints!!!  Never mind Lacey is pleased with her unexpected outfit and modelling job!

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