As some of your will know, I teach in my ‘Cupboard’, my Cupboard is in my garden in Wadebridge, North Cornwall……..

I’m going to ramble for a few mins here, I feel the need, bare with me please!…….. When I stop and think about my life I feel lucky beyond measure, I should stop and think about it more often, I’d be even happier with my lot if I did.  Not only do I get to work within my favourite hobby, I live in a fanatic area of the UK (Cornwall, few better places when the sun is shining) I get to meet lots of lovely like minded people as a matter of course and I get to share my passion.  I get to work in my very own Cupboard.  ( by the way, you’re welcome to visit the Cupboard if you’re down this way)

We natter in the Cupboard while we create.  We put the world to rights. We laugh, we occasionally cry, we share knowledge, we expound the positives and sometimes negatives of our hobby and our lives. …… I also have what I like to think of as ‘The Cupboard Extension’ – my Monday class over in St Austell at Sew & Fabric, things sort of cross over between the 2 locations, cross visitations and everything!!

I’m becoming a bit of an expert on replacement knee & hip exercises, we seem to have had a spate of them this year some planned and one most definitely not planned, as a result of a fall, smashed to pieces, but then I always say, if you’re going to do it do it properly!  We all help each other, the knowledge is shared, the results examined and plans made, that includes the quilting as well!

It’s definitely that time of year, I’ve been busy teaching Christmas workshops up and down the country,  Christmas Dinner booking time has also arrived…… so will it be Turkey Broth or Prawn Cocktail?  Might be beef, could be turkey or could go a bit extreme and have the baked cod?…… make your choices now?? There’s a laugh! Like I’m going to remember in December what I wanted at the beginning of October… but ‘Cheryl’ to the rescue, seems the restaurant have produced a memory planner this year. ( and there was me thinking we’d all done so well last year?! )  This inevitably leads onto conversations about diets and the fact that I for one prefer cake thank you very much!

Anyway, Thursday Evening Group in the Cupboard…… OMG!!! What can I say?!!  Wooden sampler blocks arrive for the side of The Cupboard!!  Hand made by one of our ladies, who’s a builder amongst other amazing things, and all manner of clever and has a Christmas Tree Farm as well!! ….. how cool is that?!!  We arrange a ‘Cupboard Visitation’ to see the Trees every year now, so we end up purchasing all manner of stuff, ribbons, trees, holly etc…… then on the way home we have to pass Trago, well it would be rude not to go in and check out the decorations and possibly just a little bit of fabric………..

There is a real reason for me writing this blog today, the main one being to update everyone on happenings……. we have just 2 more months left in the making of the Mystery Quilt that is ‘Deco Days’!!  I so can’t wait to show you all the finished quilt, the original sample that I made is presently with Ambleside Quilting for long-arming by Sarah Wickett, one of us UKQU bods. (I really don’t have time to do it justice myself) It’s one of my favourites if I say so myself!!  Then we’ll also get to see some of the finished results from the ladies taking part, the made blocks I’ve seen so far, look amazing and I can quite confidently say they look better than mine!!

Double Snuggle – Free BOM – well, as is me, I’ve been having technical issues with the patterns this month.  Firstly I couldn’t scan the actual patterns for everyone to download……but I know a jolly man, what is a very helpful jolly man (who I now love!! (…….it’s ok, I’ve told his wife)) who has now fixed that problem for me.  Fabulous!  So I’ve been busy writing the ‘how to’ this afternoon to find out that I can’t upload the scanned ‘file'(??) to share with everyone, I’m a bit hopeless at IT these days.  I totally lost interest when I left my last office job 15ish years ago, I know what I know and what I generally need and that’s about it, looks like I need to know a bit more now.  Anyway, I’ve written the ‘how to’ and I’ve sussed how to email the patterns as attachments, so I’ll at least be able to get them to people on request until I ‘know’ how!. 🙂   So, if you follow through the usual process via my shop here on the UKQU website, you’ll get a copy one way or another…….. in between times I’ll be busy looking for another jolly man/lady wot does!!

‘Garden Blooms’ is the next Mystery Quilt that I’m busy with, I’m hopeful of a January kick off for this one.……. I spent some happy time wandering around my garden and the local garden centre taking photos of some of my favourite flowers in bloom.  The design is done, the blocks are all ready to be made, the fabric is here (with thanks to Makower!).  The threads are here (with thanks to Gutermann).   The Bondaweb is here (with thanks to Vlieseline).  Now I just need to find out who supplies extra hours in a day, if you have any ideas where I’ll find a plentiful supply will you please let me know??     The blocks for this quilt will be pieced, but each will have abstract flowers happening, basically straight piecing with curved applique.  Hopefully all very jolly!  Watch out for the join up stuff coming here soon!  And now my final ramble for today……

Honest, its the last one….. This year I’ve been honoured to teach at several ‘retreats’ around the country and in Ireland, (and a couple more yet to come) although I’m not sure retreat is quite the right word to describe lovely full-on learning and making days with like minded crafters?  Maybe we should be looking for a new name for our patchwork, quilting & textile breaks?  Suggestions on a fabric postcard please?...….  Anyway, I just wanted to say what wonderful fun they are, what wonderful people I have met and what a lot of giggles we have had!  Please do not stop inviting me, they’re such fun!!  If you’ve never tried one, do have a look to see what’s on where, I know some take day visitors as well, so if you’re not fortunate enough to do a full-on maybe a join-in will suit?  ……that’s me ‘in the pink’!!  ……we’re all shouting ‘Gin!’ for the camera, as you do!……..

Happy makings everyone!!

Abbie xxx