Bradford and Watling’s BOM

Flying Dutchman Block 2

When the second block popped through my letterbox, I was excited and keen to get started. As previously, each set of pieces was in a separate, labelled clear sleeve so I was able to identify the pieces easily. It’s so lovely to be provided with the cut pieces rather than have to go through the process of cutting them, worrying that they might not be accurate – and of course it saves so much time. I can get on with the sewing!

Once again, the ‘Important Information’ at the beginning of the instructions suggested I read through all the instructions before I started sewing which was useful. It was also helpful to have all that ‘Important Information’ reiterated again to remind me of things to take care about and remember.

Before starting in earnest, I used a fabric marker to label each piece as I took it out of the packet, and this really helped when I came to lay out the pieces as suggested, particularly as Pieces A and D are the same size. The layout diagram showed each piece labelled which made it easy to obtain the correct layout before starting.

Diagrams throughout the instructions were very helpful and gave a really good guide on how to put them all together.

Several tips, both in diagrams and word explanations, were provided, which were very helpful, particularly tips for matching the seams, and I had no problems following these.

However, actually matching up seams and points are not easy even for the experienced sewer so I did find I had to unpick and resew a few times to be satisfied with my seams.

It only took me a couple of hours to complete this block even though I did have to unpick and re-stitch a few seams! I was pleased with my matching in the end but I did find again that the block is not quite the correct size – this is clearly down to MY ¼ inch seams not being completely accurate, so I’m looking forward to future blocks when I hope I can practise my ¼ inch seams again! Roll on the arrival of Block 3!