A little lighthearted blog for the season to beat those blues away.

It is the season for stress, the money all gone,

The house is full, where is the fun.

The small carbon life forms are running amuck,

in too your craft supplies, oh no do not chuck…

Out comes the wool, the fabric galore, there’s a pile of mess added to the stress, now upon the floor.

Sound familiar, with those little darlings that are maybe over excited, over tired or just plain over at yours.  Unfortunately, you cannot lock them in a very dark cupboard or under the stairs. So what do you do with them?

While writing my blog for Cannot Math, I thought of an idea that might be quick, fun, cheap and suitable for all ages subject to physical capabilities.

Tic,-Tac-Toe, masking tape and carpet style.

First make a large paper square – I had one to hand I made earlier – or use a square object if you have one.

Place in the centre of where you want the game to go and using masking tape place a row of tape along each side of the square.

You now have your board. The counters will depend on what you have available, small balls of wool etc, I have used the Christmas coasters I made for demonstration purposes, but you could make any counter you like. They do not have to be noughts and crosses.

Enjoy, and if this has helped you please feel free to leave a comment, always nice to know that somebody else is having fun too.