Hands up, for those that hate Christmas, it is okay to say ME. I do, I hate it with a passion.

What do I hate about it?

• The sense of profound loneliness despite being in a room full of people

• Loneliness

• The extreme demand placed upon you by others to be happy or festive

• The crowds

• The over commercialism, which requires you to purchase endless tat as gifts just so you can be seen to be that person who “cares”

• The lack of shops closing giving everyone a chance to rest

• Endless cooking and cleaning

• The fact it starts in September before Halloween

• False people

• Overly happy people

• Stress

• Lack of money and increased risk of debt

• Overly played Christmas songs and tunes

• Excessive indulgence in copious amounts of food and alcohol; when some people and families cannot afford to pay the rent and feed the family with the basics

• The true meaning has been lost, we should care all year round for others not just those few days of the year

I could go on.

I have added a selection of photos I have made over the last few years to give you a few ideas as to what you may wish to make, details under the photos.

Jaffa cake inspired  Machine embroidery design designed by myself

What do I do, I strap a fake smile, and use all my spoons making sure that my family have a Christmas to remember, which in our house is so stressful everyone now hates it.

Small patchwork bag to use up scraps

What would I rather be doing? Eating Jam on toast while watching old movies, I do not even mind them being Christmas movies. One of my favourites is “Donavan’s Reef” starring John Wayne. Okay I admit it I am a sucker for the feel good films with a nice ending.

Applique cushion design is from Kreative Kiwi, a machine embroidery In-The -Hoop design

Christmas dinner this year is a large fried full English breakfast, and we are all looking forward to it. Last year was a pizza. We all made our own and it was fun, although we had to do the pigs in blankets on the side, as it would have made the pizzas soggy.

Meet RED, doll based on  Jan Horrocks pattern

I love to hear how you cope with this time of the year. Drop me a line. No one needs to feel alone in this world of communication. I might not see your messages right away as lack of spoons may see me sleeping through the season –in part that would be nice- then nothing would become accomplished.

Patchwork Dog stuffed

Rest up and think about what your next project will be, take some time and make something for you, just you. A small quilted mug rug maybe or start on the summer picnic blanket or that quilt you have been meaning to make for years. Alternatively, even finish some UFO –un-finished objects – that have been piling up hoping you have not noticed.

Quilted bed runner

Patchwork bag for my cutting mat

Quilted case for my quilting ruler

My very own Grumpy at Christmas



  1. Christine Hutchins

    I don’t like the commercialism of Christmas, and I certainly don’t like the stress of it. The sooner I can get everything prepared and done, the better. We are having a buffet style meal – I’ve ordered the salads and sandwiches, – well, when you could have 10 people dropping in (stepsons, grandchildren and others) it is a lot easier, and it is something that I want to eat. I would have liked to to have Christmas Day to ourselves, and have Christmas 2 on Boxing Day, but that isn’t to be this year. Once we’ve done presents, I like the idea of time doing what each of us want to do. I’m not going to be caught up in the ‘what we should do’ trick – the day is what we make it, and when you have fostered children and young people for a while, you become adept at altering your expectations for the day, and going with the flow. I totally agree with you about the getting into debt – it is so unnecessary, and unhelpful.

    I wish you a peaceful, restful, and joyous holiday.

  2. Gavin Cox

    People seem to forget its to celebrate Jesus’s Birthday ! And I’m not religious..
    Top tips from me include
    1 house sit for friends who go away for Christmas so you get to see a nice tree for a few days then come home to a tatt free house
    2 visit a country where Christianity is not a popular religion, highly recommend India