I am not a fan of the Christmas season and my ideal day would be spending it under the covers. However, this year I have vowed to be less of a Bah-humbug and more of a stick a smile on and be pleasant. I do not think I am unpleasant but I normally go out of my way to avoid any festivities.

Procrastination when it comes to the season is my specialty, unfortunately that means I leave gifts and gift ideas to the last minute.

If you are like me and need a quick gift idea, I hope I have just the right thing for you. This idea is designed with an overlocker in mind. With a little more time and adjustment it can also be achieved on the basic sewing machine provided you have an adjustable zig zag stitch.

I am going to make four quick coasters. This is what you will need:

Overlocker or a sewing machine with an adjustable zig-zag stitch.

• Fabric

• Felt

• Fancy thread





• Darning needle or large eyed needle (optional)


• Fabric fray stop (optional)

• Loop turner (optional)


Overlocker Instructions.

Set up your overlocker with your chosen thread, I have used Gütterman Creativ Overlock thread, Bulky – Lock 80 multicolour 9957. Product review found here:  https://ukqu.co.uk/?s=gutterman&doing_wp_cron=1573578968.7846019268035888671875.

Cut your fabric to your desired size, I have chosen to use 5-inch squares.

Cut the felt slightly larger than your square size, I have chosen two blue and two purple.

Pin fabric to felt and overlock each edge trimming off the felt as you go. You should end up with four tails.

If you know how and are willing to spend a little more time you can overlock all the edges at once by turning on the corner and running over the start thread once you reach the end. I can do this, but for quickness and for those that might struggle I have made these for the layperson.

With these tails, there are at least two ways to sort them. Using a darning needle – large eye needle will do – thread the tail through the eye and then thread the needle back under the row of overlocking for a few stitches and trim. This same method is achieved with a turning tool as well.

The second method uses a product, Fray stop glue for fabric. With this method, you need to allow these to dry for 24 hours before gifting etc. Cut the ends off – Do not pull – and apply the fray stop and allow to dry. Repeat either method for all the tails.

A set of basic rustic looking coasters.

Sewing Machine Instructions.

Set up your sewing machine with your chosen thread, making sure bobbin and top match. Set your zig-zag so that the stitches are very close in width, so they almost become a satin stitch edge.

Cut both your fabric and felt to your desired size, I have chosen to use 5-inch squares.

Pin fabric to felt and sew the edges with your desired zig-zag stitch. Remember to do a forward and reverse stitch at the start and finish. If you struggle to turn the corners, then do each side as a single row and finish off as per overlocker instructions.

I have not made mine this way so have no photos for reference.

I hope you have found this idea fun and simple.

Wishing you seasons greetings, for now I am heading back under the covers.