It seems like a lifetime has passed since my friend and myself attended the Harrogate Stitch and Knit show at the end of November. We normally travel there by coach but this year due to a mix up we had the luxury of travelling via husbands “limousine”. No time restrictions on leaving, this took enormous pressure off us. We were able to avoid the bottle necked areas of people all cramming for coats and loaded with their days treasure.

I have been to stitch and knit shows for a few years and each one is unique yet the same. What made this trip extra special; I found that my friend was her very own celebrity.

She had made a patchwork quilted…

…coat. Yes she was proudly, and quite rightly so, wearing what she had made.

We had not been at the show long and the first port of call was the toilets, when I came out I found her with a small group of people asking about her coat. Things like her choice of fabric, some of which we had sourced in a real bargain find at the Festival of Quilts only a few months before. Her choice of pattern, New Look 6325 style C and the technique.

Rosie answered all questions posed to her. The fabric was pieced prior to the pattern pieces being cut out and the fleece lining added afterwards.

We continued to wander round, working a hall at a time between bathroom breaks and rest stops so that we could both rest. I need toilet breaks more times than a toddler, and Rosie, bless her, is very patient with me. Every time I came out there was yet another crowd around her admiring her coat. It made me smile and I was immensely proud her, it was a joy to see when she talked about the technique and the challenges. It was so awe-inspiring. Was I jealous, not in the least, I was special.  I was travelling with my very own VIP.

I was amazed that Rosie did not melt wearing the coat all day. I think she was worried I might have run off with it had she taken it off, she might of been right, said with a very smiley face.