How many of these can you relate to .. go on, be honest!

The low bobbin warning beep (I think the record I have heard is 60 inches of no-thread seam)

That feeling that the bit you are sewing is thicker than it ought to be

A blunt rotary cutter blade

A blunt seam ripper

The lint that is caught in your cutting mat that you never get around to wiping out

That pin that should be fine if you just sew over it

Instructions on what order to assemble your pieces

Specific seam pressing instructions

The advice to always hang onto the beginning ends of thread when you start stitching

The full description of that lovely cheap fabric you found when you searched for “Quilting Cotton”

Not putting labels on the piles of pieces you pre-cut for a quilt (that same quilt where you also didn’t leave the pattern with the pre-cut pieces)

Saving an html link for a time-limited free pattern instead of downloading the pdf immediately