P&Q is the original ‘re-use’ craft. Take items, usually clothing, that have fulfilled their natural life span and transform into something else, just as useful. I do keep clothing that isn’t good enough to go to the charity shop just for this purpose and, with the emphasis on us reducing our carbon footprints these days, it’s becoming much more important. Us Patchworkers can lead the way!

Talking of leads, I had an old pillow that was a little too limp for using on a bed anymore, a pile of jeans that had seen better days and a dog in need of a bed! Hey, presto, a trendy new dog bed that is fully washable, easy to transport and is hardwearing. (When I say washable, forgive the photos – it needs a wash!)


Measure your pillow to give you the dimensions of length and width.

Mine was around 16″ x 28″.

(My pillow was quite flat so I didn’t add any to this but if yours is ‘poofy’, then add some to these measurements to allow a bit of give.) I made an envelope back so the pillow is easy and quick to pull out for washing without any zips, buttons or ties to tempt chewing and pulling!

Front of bed.


Cut 28, 5″ squares from an assortment of denim jeans.

Using ½” seams I joined these into a rectangle, 4 squares by 7 squares.


Back of bed, made from two pieces that overlap.


The back is made up of two sections, a rectangle 20″ x 16″ and a 16″ square using larger pieces of denim. 

Hem one end of the rectangle and the square. These are the edges that will overlap.

Place the front, right sides together with the 16″ square of the backing. Ensure the hemmed edge is in the centre of the pillow.

Place the rectangle back piece right sides together with the front, overlapping the other back piece, ensuring the hemmed edge runs in the middle of the pillow.

Sew around the edge of the pillowcase. I sewed a second seam for added strength.

Turn out your pillowcase and stuff with your pillow to give your pooch a bed to be proud of.