I thought I would show you my Mosaic no.13 blocks that I have made as part of the Puzzle Quilt as I took some photos as I went along – I often find this helps in designing and colour placement. So my first confession is that I didn’t make the gazillions of half-square triangles by any speedy method – I simply cut all my squares in half across the diagonal. And, yes, I had coloured in my blank blocks and I had transferred those colours/fabrics to the worksheet . . . but . . .well, you never know, when you are using the actual fabric sometimes things look a little different!

So this was my fabric pick for the two blocks and my colouring sheet all labelled up (I can never find the colouring pencils when I need them).

I cut my squares and I cut them in half and I laid them out as my plans decreed. But somehow they didn’t look quite right. Two very pale greens against the dark reds in the first block and two dark greens in the second block made the balance all wrong. So a little swapping around went on. The first block soon righted itself by swapping out one set of pale triangles for a set of dark triangles from the second block.

But the second block proved more entertaining. I sewed the triangles into squares – only three sets –

and then trimmed off the ‘ears’ and laid them out again. Then I had second, and third thoughts – I moved those triangle units around from here to there and finally back again.

Having settled on the layout (the one I first thought of!) I could sew those units together.

Stitch into pairs

and then sets of four and take care with the pressing so that I could ‘twizzle’ that centre seam. I forgot when sewing the first block and managed to get in a muddle over which way I was pressing things – which is why there are no photos of the wrong side of that block!

Sew the sets of four together and press carefully.

Final seam and, yes – little dance of happiness – I was concentrating and could ‘twizzle’ that final seam too so everything lies beautifully flat and the points (mostly) meet up.

How are you all getting on? I laid my six blocks out and I’m feeling quite happy with them so far.

I still need to find a fabric for sashing but I think that might have to wait until I can go shopping in a real shop as it is too difficult colour matching on a screen.  I’ll try to remember to add in a bit about sashing next month for those of you who have sashing fabric and are maybe anxious to make a start on it.