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How did it get to be May already? The days seem to be passing so quickly and with so much customer work to be completed my #personalprojectchallenge2018 seems to have gone to the bottom of the list, with only a few hours managed!



                                                      “A QUILT IS A HUG YOU CAN KEEP”

If you have read my February blog, you will know that I am a co-ordinator for Project Linus UK and about the community quilting group I am involved with – Sew4Linus. Our volunteer quilters are amazing and I have just logged quilt number 1005!! This is a fantastic achievement for such a small group.

If quilting for charity is something you’ve always wanted to do, but you don’t know where to start, my advice is to make the quilt simple. Use your scraps and make 6 ½ inch squares (we generally make our quilts 36” x 36” as a finished size, so you would need 36 squares) and quilt it with straight lines using a bright thread. The brighter the fabrics the better. If you would like to get involved in your local Linus project, click on this link and find your nearest co-ordinator and ask them how you can help. The demand for “quilted hugs” is high throughout the UK and your offer to make a quilt will be very much appreciated. It’s also a great way to make new friends.

Our Sew4Linus group was created to help fulfil the need for quilts in our area. In October 2017 we displayed over 200 quilts to showcase the work of our amazing volunteers and to help raise the profile of PLUK.

Each quilt we donate goes with a copy of this poem pinned to it.  I think it sums up Project Linus perfectly.

Fabric is expensive and fundraising isn’t easy, so we are very imaginative with using up scraps and will chat more about this next time.

Thanks for stopping by and happy quilting

Marjorie x


  1. Karin Pope

    I make for Linus down here in Swindon and they go off to the Bath and Wells coordinator. Most of the time I scale down quilts I have seen when I don’t need another full size quilt for personal use…Sometimes there are “because I can” quilts and I’m also creative with my scraps and selvedges. The poem is lovely.

  2. Sue Burford

    Margery, I live in Spain. I would love to make and donate quilts, but can’t find any info of a Spanish ‘Linus’ type project. Do you know if there is a sister group to you here? Thanks in advance Sue x