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I’m still trying to keep up with my aim to spend an hour each evening on one of my own projects #personalprojectchallenge2018 and hopefully by the end of March, this will increase to one full day each week. February has been a very busy month for me. I have just returned from the first Handiquilter Longarm Quilting Academy in Bristol ( I will tell you more about this next time) and after taking classes from Kimmy Brunner and Kelly Cline, I have come to realise that my skillset will only improve if I make time to put all this wonderful knowledge into practice and I now have a collection of Cindy Needham stencils that I need to make use of.  My piece from the Quilting Vintage class didn’t get finished, but I’m really pleased with it so far.

I also have a big birthday this month – I turn 60! I had time to talk to Kelly about her quilting and personal life and her motto is “Do what brings you joy and your life will unfold”. So I decided it’s time to make more time for me and declutter some of the hobbies I haven’t got to in a while. I have over 300 balls of wool that I haven’t touched for over 5 years – so that’s my starting point with my Spring destash!

I love working with tweed and I’ve made progress with my Geese in the Garden block of the month and I finally have a plan for Molly’s Garden, my hexie quilt. I now see some of the blocks finished with hand embroidery and Im collecting buttons for the centres. When I’m making up my own patterns I often find that the finished quilt looks nothing how I initially planned – but this is all part of the creative process and it can be very liberating to not be tied to a definite pattern. If I can offer any advice – never unpick your work or be disappointed with the end result – it’s a learning curve and each quilt you make will teach you something for the next project. There are no quilt police – just your own design choices.



Each month I would like to share a different viewpoint from various members of our community when asked what Project Linus means to them.

This month’s view is from Anne Heather. She is one of the amazing nurses at North Tees Hospital’s Neonatal unit and after we met her on one of our delivery days, she came to join us at our sewing workshops.  Our quilts are gifted to each baby and used over the top of the incubators to keep out the light.  When they leave hospital, the quilt is theirs to keep.

“I was totally overwhelmed by the beautiful quilts that were delivered to the unit and it was a pleasure to choose a quilt to give to each specific baby and tell the parents all about them. I was also in awe of the skills of the lovely ladies who made them as I had a keen interest in making quilts (which had been inspired from a visit to relatives in America who were keen quilters) but was so far underdeveloped, so when you and Irene visited the ward one day I think I asked Irene about nesting seams and she suggested I come to the group. In the year I have been coming the help I have received has been wonderful – I didn’t even know much about a sewing machine!! I now look at some of the work of other ladies and am inspired to learn more😀.

Also knowing that the quilts are going to hug babies and children is a very special.”

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