Oh wow .. we are here!  Its been an incredible journey so far getting all things in place in time for the Website Launch.    Our lovely crew here at Resolution Television have worked their little socks off to get things ready, burning lots of midnight oil back in November and December last year.

The wonderful band of Volunteer Bloggers in Blogger Central have been simply amazing.   Many will be already known to you, but most have never blogged before.   We set them a challenge and my goodness they have gone above and beyond what we asked of them, despite mine and Juliet’s constant bullying (sorry guys).   Over the coming weeks you will meet them all;  each Blogger is unique in their own right and there really is something to appeal to everyone.

This website started a long time back as an idea and just grew.   It’s long been a personal soap-box of my own to find routes to support our wonderful UK P&Q industry so Juliet and I got together and cooked up a plan.      We have some of the greatest designers, suppliers, shops both online and bricks and mortar out there right here in the UK don’t we, and since the advent of Facebook there’s been an avenue to draw everyone together.  But it needed somewhere more than the social banter and playfulness to support the major asks on facebook .. like where to buy or find a shop in which place, or discover whats on where too.

This Website Portal aims to offer the hobbyist and the expert a definitive place to find the right suppliers in our Directory.  To discover what workshops or retreats are in their area.  To enjoy the blogs from our wonderful band of bloggers in Blogger Central, discover whats on, the latest News and reviews.   

The lovely Abbie Searle, along with Cross Patch, have built an exclusive Mystery Quilt for the site, which we are looking forward to seeing your efforts.

Lisa Diable from L&C Fabrics starts us off with a sampler quilt BOM, with more to come along.

We will challenge your skills and your fun … the Sun-Bonnet Sue Challenge will be judged in March by the webmaster and her cohorts, and we are looking for ingenuity and surprises to delight our non-quilting crew with no-one judged on their skills in sewing, so there is no excuse not to join in.

There’s free downloads for everyone to try .. and show off efforts in the Facebook social group .. we love to see pictures, and expect spot prizes as the year moves along.  And even the Facebook Admin Team will be set a Challenge for you, the UK Quilting Community, to judge!   So there is no sitting back and watching, we want everyone to take part in some way.  And who knows, you might even meet some of us at the roadshows and exhibitions travelling around the UK in 2018.  Come over and say hello if you do – we will be wearing our UKQU Badges for sure (available now from the online shop in our Shop section).  and don’t forget to make sure you are registered right here on the site, ready for the competition draw on 31st January!

This is just the first phase and later in the year, once we get our breath back, we promise further excitement, offers, an exclusve APP for UKQU website members and more (you might even be meeting some of our bloggers in video entertainment).

Keep popping back as there will  be new things appearing all the time, BOMs to start, competitions to enter and over 35 individual blogs every month, so keep in touch with  Blogger Central.

2018 is promising to be a fantastic year for Patchwork and Quilting.

(Feature Quilt created by Danny Amazonas – a personal favourite of mine and someone we hope we will hear from in the future!)