Growing up, we often joked with mum and dad about our rooms being kept for us if we needed to move back.  With my boys, I’ve often joked about their room not being here.  Why?  They were being made into my work rooms.

This was the year when one of them decided it was time to leave.  He’s gone to university, and although it’s local, he wanted to go to student accommodation.  I asked him about keeping his room for holidays, but this is his springboard to leaving permanently.  He gave me his blessing to take over his room,

Daniel had the smallest room, so I knew I couldn’t use it as a studio, but it was a great size to be a store room for all my supplies.  A couple of weeks after he left, my other son and I spent a day cleaning and decorating the room.  I had help moving in furniture and then it was time to sort through all my supplies and find new homes for it all.

The following is a video I did for my Facebook page, I thought you might like to have a look around my new space.

Having moved the supplies upstairs, it’s made space to reorganise my downstairs space.  My sewing table has now moved back in front of the window and is cleared ready for sewing.


The quilting frame is all set up with a quilt to finish and now I have access both sides it will make it a lot easier.

While I was moving everything, I had quite a major sort out and I was quite ruthless about what I was going to keep. This has had a two fold effect. I now know  what I have and can easily find it, but it also takes away the pressure of trying to use things for the sake of it. I’ve been very fortunate to have been given so much from other people, but sometimes you can have so much it becomes stifling. Having passed onto others what they can use and reducing what I’ve been left with has been refreshing mentally and creatively.  I can’t wait to make the most of my week off to get creative.  First on the list is to finish quilting.