Just before Christmas, I started writing this particular blog.

This is how it went …..

Having a busy, busy day. I have been working on a bit of a wonky log cabin. It started off as a jelly roll, had some extra fabrics added to it, but then got cut into decidedly off-centre squares with each round.

I did start with a plan. My plan was to make a log cabin quilt using a jelly roll. The jelly roll was Boundless Blenders Botanical Oasis (from Craftsy – sorry about that – it was just in my stash). I know – it’s not much of a plan, but hey, sometimes you have to take what you can get!

I split the Jelly Roll into Mainly Green, Mainly Turquoise and Mainly Orange. Then I realised that I needed more fabric options than existed in the jelly roll so dug into my stash a bit – and the lovely Elaine volunteered some nice fabrics too. With the greens, I didn’t stick overly to the traditional light side/dark side arrangement, though I did more so with the other groupings. I also allowed some fabrics to “creep” from one grouping to the others.

You can cut 17 2.5″ squares from a jelly roll strip so I ended up with 17 9.5″ blocks in each colour-way.

This was the perfect …………………………………………….

And that was as far as it got! Absolutely no idea what was perfect! I fell ill, then got really behind with work and everything just fell off the end of the “to do” list. And I am still trying to catch up!

In an attempt to help me get motivated to get some of the work completed I challenged myself to make some progress on 8 projects over 8 weeks. I am actually doing quite well. I am 5 weeks in and have made some progress on 3 out of the 5 projects for the period. Mind you, one of the projects went in the bin!

So what do you do to help yourself get motivated? When need gets in the way of passion what are your top tips? I don’t really have any. I suffer from overwhelm quite a lot and find it hard not to hide under the duvet, so I am delighted that I have made the progress that I have made so far.

Please share your top tips for overcoming overwhelm; mastering motivation or having a WIP Workout!  Even if nobody else needs them, I sure do!!!

Now, if only I could get rid of this cold that has been lingering since Christmas!