Why I went? (To the FoQ, off course 🙂 )

Because I wanted to see my “Traveling with Kaffe”, hanging in the wrong section. I should have entered it into “art quilts”. But hey, what do I know? First time…

And so I did see it.

I went to see new friends: I met Sue for the first time, and Ditte, Hilde, and Sylvia! And I made new friends like Brenda and Claudia. I got to know people I already knew even better, like Mirjam, Gert, Maria, Gerda, Rose-Anne and Hilde. Here’s me and Ditte: aren’t we a colorful set of friends?

I went to see a wide variety of quilts… All these categories…

“The legend of the willow pattern” by Debby Carrington

“Double Fibonacci” by Eleanor Marsden

“The forgetting”, by Michael James (about the very early dementia of his wife)

“Freddy” by Ursula Becker and Karon Dunkelgod

And my absolute favourite: “Migration: witness”, by Roxanne Lasky, which was part of the exhibition from the group Natural selection. I just kept going there…

I also went to shop… But I promised myself I would restrain myself: to buy ONLY what I couldn’t buy elsewhere, and to remind myself constantly that I will travel to the States in three weeks. Enough to buy there, so … HILDA! NO! Not that!

The result of my restraintful attitude: (a.k.a. shoppingspree)

Linen embroidery-yarn, hemp fabric, silk kimonofabric, gorgeous ceramic buttons, silk yarn, silk sariyarn, and that book from Alice Fox… INSPIRATION!!!

Because, after all, that was my most important motivation. To find inspiration again.

Since I had some very energyconsuming months, and had suffered lots of stress, I needed inspiration.

And look what happens, within a few days? (Started this piece before, in a workshop from Jackie Howard but no energy and inspiration so far)

This is just a part, but it makes me so happy.

So, why I went?

To feed my soul. With company of dear friends.

To feed my soul. With new impressions.

To feed my soul. With beauty.

To feed my soul. With the most beautiful presents for myself.

To feed my soul. With inspration.

To feed my soul.

And I did.


Love, Hilda