It didn’t take me long to put a ‘yes please’ into the shout out for people to interpret a song title for a Christmas feature on the web pages!! Fingers crossed it would be a good one that I could at least interpret into something that hopefully the visitors to the page could decipher and guess what song I had been given.

I didn’t have to wait long for ‘Nights In White Satin’ by the Moody Blues to be allocated to me. Great, I know the song, not really the group and it was before my time having been released in 1967 (4 days after my birthday), pop music was not even on my radar yet, but I’m sure my elder brother and sister would have been dancing and singing it around the house as it was their era, maybe this is why I could recall it so well.  I automatically turned the nights into Knights in the title (for my project) and oddly the Moody Blues were only inducted into the Hall of Fame recently.

Printed pattern to use as my applique

Thinking I’d be clever and mention to he-who-resides-here what I have been given and my thoughts on what I would do to depict the song, he becomes all sensible and mentions that maybe I should look up what the song is actually about before deciding what to do!! I had never even given that a thought! However, my bed theme and Nights (to become Knights) was right on track as the song was all about a pair of satin sheets given by an old girlfriend to a member of the band. Story of said sheets can be found here.

Knowing I had nothing in my stash for my make I head off to the £1 charity shop in town and come away with an old white nightgown, a blue oriental fabric skirt and a black sparkly top for £3. I hunt the web for my Knight and needed to print him off in two sections to get the size I required and I was ready for the creating.

I have done a double sided quilt as in the (Moody) blue side represents an untidy unmade bedspread and the reverse is the two Knights, on the satin sheets on the mattress of the bed, after a hard days night…………oh that’s another song title, maybe I’ve killed two birds (or should that be Beatles) with one (Rolling) stone!

The Knights are applique with free motion stitching highlighting their make-up, which took forever, the back was purposely left to pucker to give the impression of a messy bedspread and the quilting (a very poor machine attempt) are the sheets with the mattress pattern showing through. Both Knights are completely shattered from their nights out on the town and consuming mead! It’s roughly 15 x 18 inches in size and I have no idea what shall become of it. But it was a fun project to be part of.



  1. Maggie Attfield

    I just loved this! I was a teenager when it came out and loved the soaring sounds. And your interpretation is just wonderful. Rumpled linen and tired suits of armour in a quilt. I did not know there was a story behind the title-that’s the internet for you!