Doodle Days designed by Lynne Goldsworthy

I received 16 x 10 inch squares of the Doodle Days range and wasn’t disappointed upon receiving, the quality of fabric are what we have come to expect from makower, a delight to work with and holding excellent shape during all the cutting. The delicate colours used and the cuteness and not-to-twee range of prints makes this ideal to use whether it’s for someone 8 months old or 88 years of age and non-gender specific, the range is timeless in its appeal.


The delightful woodland creatures and the delicacy of shade pushed me in the direction of making a play mat, I only had to add the wadding, backing and bias, together with some straight machine quilting, on completion gave me a good sized play mat of 34 inch square. A fabulous range for anyone wanting to create and make a nursery set prior to the arrival, it’s neither babyish or a grownup print and one that will grow with the baby as he/she ages.

Apart from two of the prints being directional I was able to create the play mat with not a lot of thought having to go into the cutting and placement of the fabrics, thereby making it a very quick make. The pattern I chose is the Double Slice layer cake pattern and can be found as a tutorial from Missouri Quilting.

You can also find a pattern to download from the website, designed by Lynne Goldsworthy and using a centre panel. Added bonus of it being a free download. 01628 509640