Length 120cm ( 47”) Width 44cm (17 1⁄2”)

I love to start by choosing the central fabric which can showcase nice large patterned design as you will need 10″ square of it. You can then use the same fabric for the border and little squares in the middle or just leave it as the feature in the centre. I think that choosing shading fabrics from lightest to the darkest in the border is very effective.

This is beautiful, yet simple table runner to make and is suitable for beginner – you need several strips of the width of the fabric either. 


Once you’ve made the runner for the first time, you can play with different options for your second and third one. You can change the width of the runner by changing the size of the central square or your border. The length can be altered by the number or width of the strips – best is 3″ or 2 1/2″ wide. It all depends on how many fabrics you have which would beautifully blend together.

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