Where do I begin?  Just make a mark, they say.  Just cut the fabric, they say.  But sometimes it seems so much harder than that.  It’s that whole blank page thing – wanting to get that first page just right.  It does make it hard for me but be warned ….. once I have started you’ll find I really am quite talkative!  I am so excited to be part of this wonderful group of bloggers on UKQU. So an introduction ….


My name is Abigail and I’m not new to blogging. In fact I have my own blog cut&alter, click here to see, but I have rather lost my voice recently. The ease and speed of instagram has somewhat lured me in and the wonderful groups you can find on Facebook – well I think we all know which one I am talking about! If you want to read more about my journey into P&Q then you may want to read here, here and here. If not, then just read on here ….

Made for a friend I met through the UKQU FB group

In a nutshell I am a daughter, wife, mother, maker, sewer, patchworker, quilter, longarm quilter, baker, aromatherapist, reader and walker to name but a few!

ANZAC Hearts – a Quilting Bee Quilt

One of the things I love most about patchwork and quilting is the sense of community that I have experienced since starting on this journey.  This has been achieved from so many places:

  • local clubs
  • national groups
  • international groups
  • blogging
  • instagram
  • Facebook
  • quilting bees
  • mini quilt swaps
  • quilt-alongs (QAL)

and from each source I learn something different and meet new friends.


Blocks made as part of the Sewcial Bee Sampler QAL

I would like to talk more about each of these in further detail in future posts, so if you sometimes feel like it’s just you, your machine and the *cat/dog/radio/TV (* delete as applicable) then please do pop back here over the coming months to see how you could grow your own P&Q community and find your tribe!

If you are looking for a new project and a way of meeting some new people then I am currently co-hosting a QAL on instagram for The Fancy Forest quilt, #fancyforestqal18.

We officially started in December 2017 but you can join in anytime.  All the details can be found here and it would be lovely if you joined us.  Did I say that there was a prize giveaway each month?  No, well there is and there are some wonderful prizes up for grabs plus you’ll have a finished project at the end aswell!


    1. Abigail Sheridan de Graaff Post author

      Hi Alison the pattern had sat on my shelf for nearly two years so a QAL seemed a perfect excuse to actually get it made. I was looking at the owl today …. hmmmm glad I didn’t start with that. You can join in any time if you fancy – thistles for January and Bunnies for February. Thanks for popping by and taking the time to leave a comment.