Judith has claimed her beautiful quilt which is part of the February competition.   We have asked everyone whose quilt was chosen to write a few paragraphs so you can all understand their thoughts and techniques behind their makes.

Judith is well known for her Gullivers, but this is something quite different with a memorable tribute and back story



This quilt was made for an exhibition Commemorating WW1. It has been touring the UK since completion. Have you seen it? It celebrates the heroic rescue of the Hospital Ship Rohilla by the RNLI and the people of Whitby. Having run aground in a storm that lasted over 3 days, the RNLI and the people of Whitby were thwarted in their attempts at rescue. After 6 different lifeboats attempted the rescue, a new type of boat with an engine arrived and the final souls were rescued. Almost half had not survived.

It is whole cloth with appliqué, couching, free motion stitching and paint.

I chose a hand dyed piece of fabric that spoke of the sea to me. I enhanced the wave shapes using stitch and paint. The foreground orange is suggesting the oil that was spilt to calm the sea and enable the final lifeboat to reach the ship. The ship is drawn using a thin marker pen, taken from actual photos published in The Daily Mail of the day. As are the silhouettes of the folk on the beach. Around the central panel in the blue and red fabric is free motion stitched the story of the rescue. Couched onto it a white cord echoing the ropes along the side of the boat.

Whole cloth and free motion seem to be my go to techniques at the moment as anyone who knows me can testify. Often in the form of a friendly seagull with long legs and knobbly knees, called Gulliver. Thanks for choosing my quilt, I am always surprised and truly honoured when anyone appreciates what I do. I do it because I love it. Its as important as eating to me. Thanks again. Good luck everyone.

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