Or that could be ‘Snowy Day Ramblings’?

Down here in Cornwall we get very excited at snow, we’re strange that way, we see so little!!  It gently, silently, fell from the grey, laid around and made even the un-pretty look pretty and gave me a perfect day for quilting!! (the snow lasted all of about 4hrs!  That was probably our official winter)

It triggered a daft moment in me and so I made a little video of my Therapy Cupboard (that’s what I call my studio/ shed where I’m generally found when not wandering around the country!) if you want to see where I get inspired and create, teach & play, go have a nosey on my Facebook page….just search Abbieanne Patchwork Quilting & Textiles………  (or just have a giggle on me…..we never sound how we think we do in our head if you see what I mean!)

This is MC (Mummy Cat, we also have Jingie & Grey, her boys)……my cold evening helper of Mystery Quilt finishings.  Every time I disturb her a little too much the claws go in to remind me she’s there……..  Always when I get hand work out one or other of them feel the need to be cuddled, Jingie especially likes a hoop!

Anyway, one of the reasons of my rambling today, I just wanted to point out to anyone interested in joining the Mystery Quilt, that you can still do so as we go along.  I’ve been chopping and printing and packaging and and and lots of coffee!  (As my mug states, ‘Size Matters’, doesn’t it just?!!!)

I have a few kits still available and will always have patterns available, so maybe as you see things revealed you might like to come and play?!   This is the first block ready to post 20th Feb……..

The actual Mystery Quilt,,,, A ‘Colourful Outlook on Life’  (otherwise now known as the ‘COOL’ one!….how sad is that?!) is fully quilted, tatted and faffed with, and must be classed as finished other than its label for the back, which brings me to the importance of labels!

I’m a bit of a bugger for not labelling my quilts at the time of making, then having to back track and do them when they go out on displays and tours.  So, learn buy my haste, label yours as soon as you finish. ‘Do as I say, not as I do’.   I have a collection of old quilts from all over the place with only 1 labelled!!  So many questions I want answered of these lovely old treasures, but sadly that’ll never be as I have no way of tracing any of them.  Very sad.

So, go label a quilt today!!   –  Remember to include the name of your quilt, the date and most importantly the ‘by who’.   If there’s anything else significant to you about it, include it!  Who inspired you, who designed it, family event, happy memory, any or all of it.  A quilt will have become an extension of you while you were making it, intentionally or not, it’s a part of us and reflects as such.  Be proud of it.   In 50 years time your family and friends, decedents or complete strangers will have a wonderful insight to your creatings.  Be loud & proud of your work.

Moving on……..

I’d also like to let you know about the Dragonfly BOM.  Block 2 is now available from my shop, (3-9 will be there shortly) here on UKQU site to purchase (along with block 1 if you missed it and would like to join us)  This quilt has been designed so that each block can be used as a separate pattern, so cushions, wall hangings/panels, runners, bags, whatever you fancy really.  The photo supplied below has come from Carolyn, she’s done just that from previously with block 9, I absolutely love her use of it, what do you think?….…… 🙂 🙂 🙂

Happy Creatings Everybody!!    Abbie xxx