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How do you organise your quilting projects? In an effort make inroads into my own, along side my longarm quilting and involvement in Project Linus ( as well as reducing the volume of post it notes on my kitchen wall)  I decided to start the year with a Bullet Journal, to keep all “to-do’s” in one place.  I also decided to post a picture each day of the progress of my #personalprojectchallenge2018.  As with most New Year resolutions, after 3 weeks my BJ now resembles the diary of a procrastinator and the kitchen wall seems to be sporting some snazzy new post it notes! Old habits die hard. However, as well as making hexies for “Molly’s Garden”, I am now working on 4 UfO’s – that’s progress!

I thought I would share a few pictures of two fabulous customer quilts I had the priviledge to work on before Christmas and the quilt I made for Matthew, which he loved.

                                                   “A QUILT IS A HUG YOU CAN KEEP”  


Being a co-ordinator for Project Linus UK brings many rewards and has given me the opportuniity of meeting many wonderful people – from the ladies who run the sewing group; our stalwart band of volunteers sewers; the staff at our local hospital and of course the families who receive one of our quilted hugs.

When Irene Carter and I decided that we should run a Linus workshop to generate quilts to satisfy an ever increasing demand, we had little idea of what we were about to create.  We managed to persuade Roz Elliott, Dianne Morrison and Rita White to help us prepare kits and backing and on that first cold January day in 2016, we anxiously waited to see if anyone would turn up!  Fast forward to 2018 and our sewing group – Sew4Linus – enters its third year and continues to grow.  We meet each month at a local venue and provide kits and backing for our volunteers quilters.  Some had never quilted before joining us, but using our combined skillset we have been able to share our knowledge and unlock a creativity that many didn’t know they had. In October 2015 we held a quilt show, which I will talk about in another blog.

Each month I would like to share a different viewpoint from various members of our community, when asked what Project Linus means to them.

The first quilt we donated in November 2015 was to little Harry, our poster boy. This is the letter that his Mum wrote to us.

” I will start with thank you.  Thank you to all the wonderful people that quilt and knit for Project Linus – you all do an amazing thing. My little boy Harry was admitted to North Tees Hospital at the very young age of 4 weeks old.  He had Whooping Cough and a number of other things wrong.  I was heartbroken.  We had been on the Children’s Ward for 9 days when we received our beautiful blanket.  When it was given to me I cried – I was overwhelmed at the generosity of a stranger.  Being on a hospital ward day in and day out was tiring and lonely and the “cuddle blanket” brought comfort and Harry loved it too.  It now goes everywhere with us.  Harry is now 15 weeks old and doing really well and we will treasure our blanket forever.”

Thanks again for reading and hope you will join be next time for more News And Views From My Selvedge

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