The Harrogate Quilt Show has always been a favourite of mine, especially since it is local to where I live, meaning not having to set off or look for somewhere to stay over.  This also gives leaves me with more money to spend (shhh don’t mention that bit to my hubby).  This time was going to be a little different for me though since I took Carrie, our sub editor/camerawoman with me.

Carrie took our video camera along to see what an exhibition was like.  Did she capture you on camera?

We arrived around 11am and things were already pretty busy, which was great to see.  If we don’t go to the shows then they will falter.   Compared to the Newark Show it was larger too, but the venue was well laid out, wide aisles and easily enough to get around, even carrying our video camera.    The quilts were displayed beauifully, easy to access and well documented with who had made them.   I have not included lots of pictures here since I am pretty sure there will be lots to see from others.  I really liked this one though as it reminds me of holidays with my kids.

Cawsand by Brenda Thomas

What was lovely to see was the colourful stands, all busy.   Like Sue Briscoe, well known to us here at UKQU and who blogs for us regularly

Susan is only just back from Tokyo and by the looks of it well stocked up with fabulous Japanese fabrics and quilts.  I am a bit of tart for the colour but these really were something else altogether!

We had a chat with Andy from Crafty UK, who gave up his day job to create his bespoke range of templates.  Did you know if you are struggling to find the template you need he will cut one to your own spec.   A lovely guy

There was so much to see, and such lovely fabric and colour around it cheered me up for sure!

We came across Vendulka showing how she creates her beautiful quilts, and of course her new book was on show  .. available in the website’s own online shop now.

This show I decided to attend a workshop. At least it would mean a place to sit for an hour I thought.  Well, Carrie and I had so much fun with Abbie Searle’s Badge making.   I am not a hand sewing girl really, and Carrie confessed she does not sew at all.  Don’t you just hate it when the newbie beats you hands down!  Abbie has created the fabulous Mystery Quilt which I know many of us are taking part in, including me, so watch out for progress on that and there is still time to catch up if you want to join in.

Carrie was a bit shy, but I am sure you want to see her own efforts (the red petal one in the picture of the badges we all created is mine)

For Carrie and me it was a working day really, but a little visit to Fodders on the way out had to be done.  I wlll be enjoying the cheese and pickles for tea for a couple of days for sure.   Oh, did I buy anything,  well … what do you think!

Who can resist Beth Studley’s patterns, and there is never enough Batik in anyone’s life is there.