What a great tool to review!  This 45 mm Rotary Cutter with Comfort Grip (SSN45CUT) is a Sew Simple product which is distributed by EQS.  The rotary cutter is an essential item for any quilter and this one is said to be suitable for right or left handed users without the need to turn the blade / fittings. It came just in time for me to start a Book Pillow for my friend who has a big birthday coming up. Actually I call it a Book Pillow but it is more like a Bliss Pillow as I designed it to hold a small bottle of wine, chocolate and a book!

The first thing I noticed about the cutter is that it has a slightly longer handle than I am used to and yet it is much lighter than my current tool (74 grams as opposed to 105 grams). The handle is very comfortable and has a soft grip which makes it comfortable to use.

Cuts through layers of fabric with ease

Opening and closing the guard is an easy thumb movement but you do need to put a little pressure on this. This is just as easy right or left handed (although I am not left-handed I did try it).

It cut through the fabric beautifully even when there were several layers, including batting. Of course it was a new blade so this helps but I didn’t need to put much pressure on at any point. When I layered up my final pieces of the pillow I needed to trim all layers which amounted to 6 layers (including batting) and in places where the buttonhole strips met there were 10 layers.  I didn’t experience any problems cutting through all of this.


Who would believe it! I managed to run over a pin part way into the project and had to change the blade.

The instructions were easy to read and I took off all the bits, placing them in the order I removed them (and to the correct side). The blade was quick to replace and all the parts were easy to re-assemble.

I found this rotary cutter on Amazon at a cost of £8.87 and I think this is extremely good value for money.  I certainly can recommend it.


Final Bliss Pillow ready to gift to my friend.