Having come home from work, I opened an unexpected package.  I put my hand in and felt a rubber ring and I was trying to work out who would send me such a thing and what it was for.  It wasn’t until I pulled it right out and saw the label that I realised it was an item sent for review.  The red rubber ring was in fact a Bobbinsaver by Grabbit Sewing Tools distributed by EQS and can be found in many sewing shops.

My first thought when I saw it was that it wouldn’t be very practical, it was opened topped and surely the bobbins would fall out.  Actually, this was a moot point as my bobbins were currently spread over the floor from when I’d accidentally pushed the case on the floor whilst sewing.  I scrabbled around the floor and put the new bobbin saver to test.  What better way the throwing it onto the table and dropping it on the floor.

Was it a success? It was a great success.  All the bobbins stayed in place, there will be no reason for me to go scrabbling on the floor after escapee bobbins in the future.  If this gets knocked off the table, they’ll all stay in place.

So let’s get to the specifications:It will hold plastic or metal bobbins, it accepts bobbins 13/16″ diameter, the bobbins won’t tangle or unwind (a great bonus), it holds over 20 bobbins.

I’d definitely go out and buy one.  From what I can see, they range from £6-£10, so good value for money for something that will have years of use.  

How do you store your bobbins?  Do you think this would be useful for you?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.


  1. Sue Burford

    Hi Jane, I had one of these in the ‘free’ pack that came with my new Sewing machine. I hadn’t a clue what it was for (it didn’t have a label) but it looked as if it would take the bobbins. It is a brilliant piece of kit for all the reasons you have said. I would recommend the Bobbin Holder to any Sewist(!)