We all love quilting and patchwork, and it doesn’t have to stop with the planning and creation of quilts! There are plenty of fiction books available where quilts, quilting and quilters are featured. Also, with the days (hopefully) getting warmer, many of us may be looking at getting outdoors on a regular basis, or going away on holiday where we cannot bring the sewing machine. Personally I enjoy finding a quiet spot in the shade and reading a good book. If you are super efficient, perhaps get hold of audio books and do some quilting at the same time!

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Image taken from www.goodreads.com   

Tracy Chevalier’s The Last Runaway is probably the most well-known quilting fiction book, but there are plenty of others available. Many of these are available from your local library, Amazon or www.goodreads.com.

Looking through the various UKQU Facebook groups, I have collated some of the books which have been recommended by members.

Series based on or around quilting

The following ten authors have all written three or more books where quilting is featured throughout;

Amanda Lee; An embroidery mystery
Clare O’Donohue; Someday Quilts Mystery
Elizabeth Lynn Casey; A Southern Sewing Circle
Arlene Sachitano; Harriet Truman / Loose Threads Mystery
Isabella Alan; Amish Quilt Shop Mystery
Jennifer Chiaverini; Elm Creek Quilts
Judith Pella; Patchwork Circle
Marie Bostwick Cobbled Court Quilt
Patience Griffin; Kilts and Quilts
Terry Thayer; A Quilting Mystery 

Image taken from www.goodreads.com  

Stand alone books

Liz Trenow; The Forgotten Seamstress
Margaret Attwood; Alias Grace
Sandra Dallas; The Persian Pickle Club
Sue Monk Kidd;  The Invention of wings
Tracy Chevalier; The Last Runaway

Do you know of others?

Have you read any other books which you’d like your fellow quilters to read and to be inspired by? Please comment below, or send me a message.

Interested in an online UKQU book club?

Please comment below if you’d be interested in joining a UKQU book club for quilting related fiction books, like the ones listed above.

Happy reading!


  1. Marion

    Still finding this site very frustrating but just wanted to say I have read The Last Runaway and found it a good read. Not saying much else as don’t want to spoil it for others and also think I am supposed to put my review elsewhere if only I could work out how todo it

  2. Rosanne Derrett

    There’s a couple of series youve missed. The Benni Harper mysteries by Earlene Fowler, The Half Stitched Amish Quilt Club series by Wanda Brunsetter and while not quilting, try the Needlecraft Mysteries by Monica Ferris.