Have you ever wondered what all those feet that come along with your new sewing machine are used for.   My ‘day job’ when I am not browsing around this website, is a sewing machine engineer, and there are not many female engineers around either.      I have put together a four part guide to what the more common, and some of the least understood, sewing machine feet are used for.

Most days I am busy working alongside my Cousin in his shop where he sells and repairs sewing machines (he is a Janome specialist) and over the years I have learnt just how important your machines are to you all.    There’s the online shop here too, but if you can’t see what you need then ask me and we can usually source it for you.

I am sure you will all have your ‘go to’ favourite foot for straight stitch, or might prefer a metal foot to a plastic, but using the right foot for the task can really improve your patchwork and quilting.    Play around with what you have and you might just surprise yourself.

If you have any questions, or a mystery sewing machine foot, then leave me a comment, or reach out over on UK Quilters United and I will do my very best to help .. if I can’t help I know a couple of people that usually can too.

Standard zig zag foot for top loaders.

Hemming foot.

Double sided zip foot.

Zig zag foot for front loaders.

Plastic and metal free motion embroidery foot.

Continued in part 2