Things change rapidly here at Website HQ!   The Book Club Group is certainly popular with you all and there’s a change in the person leading the discussion.   Nina has stepped away for personal reasons, so we have persuaded Arelene to take over things.    She loves reading and just as important her quilting means a lot to her too.

To give Arlene time to settle into her new role, and another exciting new happening we will announce shortly, we are not announcing a new book for May.    We will announce the June book with the exciting new happening soon though, plus we want to allow you all time get hold of the books each month and enjoy reading them.     Don’t forget that your local libraries may well have a copy of that month’s book you can borrow too.

It’s easy to join the Group.  We have made it open to everyone to join in so head on over there by clicking here  and don’t forget you will have to be a member of the website to join in.  That’s simple too .. just click the icon at the top right and enter your details.   If you sign up for our regular newsletter then you will receive information about each months book, but don’t worry … we are not going to release your details to anyone.  Remember .. what goes on in Book Club stays in Book Club.

I’m Arlene and I’m very excited to be taking on the role of developing and co-ordinating the UKQU Book Club. I’m passionate about reading and would happily spend all day buried in a book, with perhaps a break now and then for a bit of quilting, of course. My taste in books is varied and eclectic – I’m happy to mix and match frothy modern chick-lit one week with a weighty and lengthy nineteenth century tome the next. The most important thing, to me anyway, is to read and think about the text – if no reaction is provoked, then that’s the sign of an unsatisfying read.

So who am I? I live in Yorkshire, the county where I’ve spent most of my life, with my husband and a small fluffy dog. During the day I work in education with teenagers and I can honestly say that no working day is ever boring. In my spare time I quilt, and my aim for the last two years has been to finish off things that I’ve already started – but that’s not going too well. I met my husband on an Open University course and we bonded over a love of books, although whilst I went on to study English Literature, he chose the darker arts of History. The OU course forced me to read texts that I might otherwise not have chosen, and I also started to query what I was reading and why.


And it’s that questioning and wondering that for me gives a purpose to a Book Club – a place to discuss and share your ideas about what you’ve just read. If it’s made you think, then it’s only natural to want to talk about it with someone else who’s just gone through the same experience as you. If you loved it, what was it that made you feel that way? Would you recommend it to your family / your partner / your mum? Why? Being in a group encourages you to really think about your own ideas.

If there’s a book that you don’t really like, then it’s perfectly okay to give up! Life is far too short and too full of other obligations for you to spend your precious leisure time doing something that you don’t want to. But I am always interested to know why you didn’t like it. The style? The characters? The plot?

I’d like to include as wide a range as possible – the main focus at the start will be on books involving quilting and/or patchwork, but there will be some non-fiction in there as well. And as time goes on, I’d like to look at other books that have a textile based theme, although they may not be solely focussed on quilting. Who knows – you may find another hobby as well! If you have any suggestions and ideas about books to read, please let me know – this is a shared group and I’m always happy to hear what other people have to contribute.

As much as I’m a bibliophile, I’m also a technophobe, so please bear with me while I learn how to use the website. I look forward very much to our shared journey in the forthcoming months and to getting acquainted with a fabulous range of texts!