Adding corners to the back of a small wall hanging allows you to hang it on a wall very easily, here is one method of doing this:

To attach corners BEFORE adding the binding, first measure the width, as you can see mine is 6.5″. Divide the width into three, approximately. This gave me a measurement of 2.25″, now cut two squares with sides of that measurement and then press them in half diagonally, wrong sides together.

Pin the raw edges of the half-pressed squares into the top raw edged corners of your little hanging.

Then, you could proceed to attach the binding straight away, but I prefer to baste them in place, prior to attaching the binding to the front edge, as shown above.

Turn the binding to the back and hand-stitch, or machine, to complete.

Finally cut a small piece of thin dowel to fit and slide under the corners. I actually used a bamboo chopstick, cut to size with a craft knife and smoothed with my emery board!

Now the hanging can be balanced nicely on a nail or hook.


  1. Carol Lightburn

    Such a simple but effective idea Alison. Just had a light bulb moment – for wider ‘quilt/wall’ hangings you could also add something like a belt loop or two (like on a jeans/trousers waistband) as extra stability!