Hi there, I want to talk about UFO’S or PHD’S! (UnFinished Object or Project Half Done)

Do you have any?

Do you have many?

Are you a serial starter?

Well I seem to have lots, and I’m going to ‘come out’ to you all here and now with photo’s. Now I possibly/probably have more than this, they’ll be tucked away somewhere waiting for me to come upon them.

Some of these fit into the WWIT category. (Whatever Was I Thinking) and I’m not sure what to do with them.

Why or How do I end up with UFO’s, well over the years I’ve given this a lot of thought. I don’t know about you but my brain moves on to another project too fast for me to keep up with the sewing of the current one. Some of these have been started on a one day workshop and have never moved any further apart from into a cupboard out of sight. Sometimes I see a project that I must have/do, and then after a week at work I need a new start. Some of these just need making up into something!

Now I do have quilt tops that need making up into Quilts….layering, quilting, binding etc, but I’ll share them with you in another post.

So here I will share with you most of my PHD’s, and I’d love for you to leave me a comment, and any idea you might have for finishing them.

These were started at workshops.

The following are quilt tops I’ve started.

This one needs lots more blocks making 

This one needs lots of applique adding 

This one I have started to unpick and will redo
This one I only started this year and then had problems with the tension on my machine

The following are FPP which I did as a pattern tester for Quilt Art Designs

And lastly here’s the WWIT

Now, do I feel better for ‘coming out’…….Hmm I have good intentions for some.  Watch this space.

Chris Cross Corner


  1. Jayne Davey

    I forget to mention, to encourage me to complete UFO’s I enter our local agricultural show each year which has a handicraft section. I search through my UFO’s which don’t need too much work and enter them, I think the deadline makes me focus.
    The bonus of winning a certificate or rosette is such a good feeling.

  2. Jennifer Grist

    Oh yes, I have ufo’s! I vow not to start anything new until some of them are finished, then I get attracted by some fascinating pattern which I have to try, and I am not a young person, time is not on my side! So I have a list pinned up in my sewing room of what is needed to finish them which I hope will concentrate my efforts. I have three other obstacles to finishing the UFO’S:
    a cat who
    a family who keep coming up with reasons to provide a quilt or sewing lessons
    a garden which needs to be looked after

    I am trying to be more disciplined. So why was I attempting to draw out a paper pieced pattern for a sweet pea after tea yesterday!

    1. ChrisCross Post author

      Exactly, it’s the ‘must have/do’ patterns that appear without warning. I used to vow ‘I’ve started, so I’ll finish’ but life’s too short. Some of the above will be finished, and other’s……………who knows. thank you for taking the time to comment. x

  3. Karin Pope

    Hmmm,do I PHDs( projects half done)? Oh yes,but about 5 or 6 are actually long term projects that I return to when I have finished other,smaller projects.I get bored by making dozens of the same thing,so having other stuff to go back to suits me fine. I have seen plenty of ‘finish-alongs’ where you pledge to get X finished in the next month.If you do then great,if not then never mind.Whilst I have yet to sign up for one it must concentrate the mind and lots of folk have said they feel just like you do,and which then motivates them to finish more projects.

    1. ChrisCross Post author

      Thanks Karin for taking the time to leave me a comment.
      I do have something which I work on every now and again. It’s some FPP blocks which will one day be a quilt. I now have 70 of those. Hopefully most of the above will be finished. I do have some tops ready for layering and quilting, hope to show them another time.