I love making and to make to satisfy someone’s special needs and requirements is so very satisfying. Being asked to make this changing bag means a lot and I know it will mean so much to the recipients. If all the supplies had been delivered on time, I could have showed you the finished item but I thought I’d share some of the features I have already in place and explain some of the reasons for the features that are being included.

This bag is being made for a child with special needs so that has influenced some of the features. Mum has decided the size she wants and the style, but we’ve been making sure little one will be happy with his bag.  That means that that is has to be pleasing to the eye as well as being stimulating on a sensory level.


The bright colours are going to make his bag unique and will be easy for him to see. The spots are attached using raw edge applique which will mean he will be able to feel them raised from the backing fabric. Over time the edges will soften and give a different sensory stimulation.


We’ve used red for the handle and the Velcro fastening to give a good contrast. Velcro will also provide audio stimulation as it opens and closes. It will also be practical for mum as it will mean it’s easy to open and close.

On days out, it’s important we can take our special friends, so there will be a special pocket on the front of the bag. This pocket is going to be the home of a special toy which I think will make someone very happy on his days out.

On a practical note, I’m using cotton fabric on the outside. Not only is it colourful, it’s washable. The Bosal In R Foam will give the bag some substance, even after washing. The lining is going to be PUL which is waterproof. To go with the changing bag, there will be an insulated snack bag. All in all, it’s going to be a very eye catching, but practical bag. I’ll come back and show you the finished bag as soon as I can.