If you have been around young children, as a parent, grandparent or friend, you have probably seen the sack-like things the toddlers sit in when it’s a bit cold or to protect them from the sun? These footmuffs / cosytoes / bunting bags, or whatever you like to call them, are super-handy as they are always attached to the pushchair and don’t get forgotten or lost. However, the footmuffs (let’s settle for one name!) are ridiculously expensive to buy.

For years I’ve had a tutorial on my website showing how to make them; it has received over 50,000 hits, so it’s by far my most popular post (followed by a tutorial for a yoga wrap hoodie). After receiving a request to contribute to the Baby Feature (#babyfeatureUKQU) here on the UKQU website, I have now updated the tutorial and turned it into a downloadable PDF pattern with images explaining the various steps of the process. As usual, it has taken longer to get the pattern and tutorial written up than actually making the item itself!

Yes you can!

Why not make your own footmuff, either for your own children or to give away to friends and family, or to sell?! It would be a great personalised gift to a anyone using a pushchair, i.e. once the child is able to sit upright, so say older than five to six months. 

I believe that anyone with basic sewing skills should be able to make this footmuff. The pattern includes sewing a zip and making button holes (for the safety straps), so you need to be familiar with these techniques, or have someone to hand who can help you (YouTube may be your friend!). To make it easier, you could replace the zip with velcro or ties. Just be aware that velcro may be VERY NOISY to a sleeping baby…

Selecting fabrics

My fabric selection

As you can see in the images, I decided to use some soft pastel colours when making the sample footmuff.

The main fabric I used is called Geometrix and was generously donated by Lewis & Irene. It is available in shops across the United Kingdom now. I also used a stripy mint green & white cotton, probably from Fabrics Galore in London, and in an effort to be frugal, a previously used fleece blanket from IKEA. You need around 1.5m of each, but it varies depending on the size you are making.

Adding the Quilter’s touch

To attach the warm layer to the main fabric, I quilted some rainbow shapes to the panels; as shown here on the bottom and front pieces. If your quilting skills are better than mine (and they are likely to be!), you could have lots of fun with this!

You could even make the bag using a quilt top from your WIP pile, or make some blocks specially. The front piece would look amazing made from the centre of a medallion quilt!!

Get your copy of the pattern

To make your own customised footmuff, please head over to my UKQU shop; whilst you are there, don’t miss the opportunity to also download some of my free patterns to make the UKQU logo (appliqué and FPP); just make sure you click the ‘Free Patterns’ link to see all of them.