Isn’t it interesting that some people work from a project to project, never starting something new until they finish the previous one, whereas others tend to have several projects on the go, jumping from one to another depending on their mood? There are even those who rarely finish anything, they just love the idea of a new project and learning something new but before they get to finish project there is already another one waiting to be started.

I personally can be found a little bit in all of them. Sometimes I start something and I just love it so much, I can’t stop until it’s finished. At the same time, I have several (MANY) projects in various stages of completion. And you know what I also have projects I do not want to finish because they were on the back burner for way too long, or I learned what I needed and moved on.

Well, first of all, let me tell you that wherever you find yourself on the spectrum, THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU! We are all different and there is nothing like a normal or correct way to do things. The only thing is how we react to it or what we think about it.

If you only ever start a new project after finishing one, well I’m sure you’re a very rare find, but I know you exist and I just want to say that you have my great adoration. I admire your disciplined if you’re happy that way, you are not in a rush to make something than it’s OK.

The more troubled group I find is the one which has several projects on the go. I don’t mean at all that they are in trouble, rather what’s troubled is the way they perceive themselves as bad for doing so. I don’t think there is anything wrong about working on several projects at the same time. Some projects are so big we do need a break and make something small so that we don’t go bonkers.

 I am a mad maker, I will make/sew all day, while relaxing and watching TV, in the car while my partner is driving – I do it for living so that explains a lot and I love every minute I spend making. There is time for sewing behind sewing machine but I need a different project to take with me on the go. Also while I’m halfway through a project something more urgent or interesting comes my way and I get distracted and start working on that. Once in a while, I have a tidy up of my sewing room and I finish these half done projects which got forgotten in the excitement of something new.

The thing is we often concentrate more on the things we have on the go than on the things we have finished. If you were to write a list of things you have made in the last year – from a small project to larger ones. I’m pretty sure you would be surprised by the number of them and probably they might even outnumber the amount you have now on the go. It is definitely my case – I so often forgot to appreciate what I have done and only see the things ahead of me.

Another thing we should consider when thinking about all the projects lurking about waiting to be finished is the fact that it’s OK to dislike something as well or fall out of interest. Try to compare it to reading a book or trying a new food … just because someone has recommended it and loves that particular book/food/technique or project it doesn’t’ always mean you will like it too. Sometimes we have to try something in order to find out that it’s actually not our cup of tea! And it’s OK, you would return the book to the person who lends it to you never getting to the last page, we might not finish the meal and never order it again. But when it comes to craft/sewing projects the trouble is that we feel bad about it and beat ourselves for spending money on it, and now feeling like we have to finish it or otherwise we don’t deserve starting anything else.

If this is the case, try to accept it and make peace with it. And maybe try to find a friend you can give it to who would actually love to finish it rather than beating yourself up every time you look at it and don’t feel like finishing it all all!

As for the third group of people who just rarely finish anything we need to look a bit deeper. Sewing is a hobby and as such it should bring you a pleasure not a stress. If the main thing for you is learning something new and you are not so much bothered if you’ll end up with something finished at the end then ask yourself a couple of questions:

Which part of the process is the most enjoyable? If it’s the learning, then keep on learning and have fun doing so!

Would you actually like to finish some of the projects? Go through the UFOs or WIPs and be very honest with yourself, pick the projects you really like and you would actually love to see finished and make a commitment to yourself  – for every new project you start you will finish one old one.

Are there projects you lost interest in?? Make a piece with them, thank them for the lesson they taught you (even if it’s never attempt something similar ever again) and try to find them a good home. Contact your local guild or quilting group and ask if they’d be interested finishing them and using them to raise money for the charity. Take them to your own quilting group and sell them to have funds to start some more projects or for donations to charity.  In other words shift them, shift the energy in your workroom and I’m sure it will give you space and time to finish the projects you really care about.

What I’m trying to say is, be nice to yourself, accept yourself the way you are, there is nothing wrong with you as there is no right way to go about quilting or crafting.

So enjoy the ride, have fun and learn heaps

Let me know wha you’ve taken from this article, I’d love to know!