Welcome to Part 2 of Extremely Useful Newborn Gifts. For a matching Washable Change Mat to make a lovely pair of gifts, take a look at Part One.

My original Wipe Pouch and Change Mat

This post takes you through how to make the Wipe Pouch. It was adapted from this Cute and Easy Diaper Clutch by Amber from Crazy Little Projects. I have slightly altered the shape and added a small pocket on the front to keep nappy sacks in. I used to find that if they were in a pocket in my baby-change bag with the wipes and nappies, every time I got the wipe pack or a nappy out, I would end up with the bags everywhere. I measured the Wipe Pouch to fit a standard pack of baby wipes, 2-3 disposable nappies (depending on their size), and a few nappy sacks. It is quite a snug fit to ensure that everything stays put unless you actually want it out, and to reduce the amount of stuff that needs carrying around. And babies and toddlers need a lot of Stuff! This does mean, however, that unless you increase the dimensions slightly, adding wadding and quilting the sections will mean it is too small internally to fit everything in.

Wipe Pouch (Finished dimensions 6in x 14.5in)

You will need:

• 1 FQ 100% cotton (matching the outer of the change mat)
• 1 FQ 100% cotton in a co-ordinating solid colour (or a co-ordinating pattern) for the lining – I used Kona cotton
• Medium fusible interfacing
• Co-ordinating KAM snaps (or a button, popper, piece of velcro, magnetic snap, or invisible magnetic snap
• Co-ordinating Gutermann Sew-All thread (or whatever you prefer)
• A print-out of the pattern pieces (or you can draw them by hand as I have put the measurements on there too) – Make sure you set the document to print at Actual Size or 100%, or it won’t print at the correct size.

My apologies again for the lack of photos. It should be straightforward, but if you need any help, please contact me.

1. Carefully tape the 2 Back pattern pieces together – the arrows indicate which line should be matched to which line. Don’t try to match the arrows because they weren’t playing ball and are not lined up.

2. Use your pattern pieces to cut the number of pieces of fabric needed. The bold lines are the actual measurements and the dotted lines indicate the ¼in seam allowance.

3. Do the same for the interfacing, but cut the pieces slightly smaller. Fuse the interfacing to each piece of outer fabric.

4. Take the 2 Pocket pieces and place them right sides together. Stitch across the straight edge (the top) of the Pocket with a ¼in seam. Do the same with the 2 Front pieces.

5. Flip both the Pocket pieces and the Front pieces so that they are wrong sides together and press carefully. Topstitch across the top of both at about 1/8in from the edge.

6. If you are using a magnet for the closure, you need to install the first half of it now.

7. Line up the bottom of the Pocket and Front pieces (the curved end), and then carefully line these up with the bottom of the Back lining fabric. Either use binding clips or pins to hold the layers together, or baste them using the longest stitch on your machine about 1/8 in from each side.

Pocket and Front pieces lined up on top of the Back lining

8. If you are using magnets you need to install the 2nd half on the Back outside piece now.

9. Lay the Back outside piece face down (right sides together) on the Front/Pocket/Lining pieces and line up carefully. Clip or pin well to hold everything in place, and trim any overhang on the corners from the Front and Pocket pieces.

Back face down on the Front pieces, lined up, trimmed, and clipped together

10. Using a ¼in seam, stitch round the edge of the layers of fabric. Make sure you leave a 3-4in gap along the top for turning.

Top corner before trimming. You can see where the turning gap has been left

11. Trim the curves with pinking shears, or trim to 1/8in and carefully notch.

12. Turn the whole Wipe Pocket through the opening. Push out all the seams, especially on the curved corners, and press well.

13. Topstitch around the whole of the outside 1/8in from the edge, closing the opening as you go.

14. To finish, either install your KAM Snaps at the points marked on the pattern pieces, attach your button to the Pocket (and create a button hole in the top of the Back), or stitch or stick on your Velcro or poppers.


15. Give it a final press and then fill with nappies, wipes and nappy sacks!

I still have my Wipe Pouch despite no longer needing it for Mini. I love the fabric, so I think I will have to repurpose it for carrying something else in the future.

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