Back in the spring this year [2018] we came up with the idea of a sew-a-row pattern for everyone to follow.  There was no agenda .. just the germ of an idea.   To begin with we thought there would just be one and we asked the clever Bloggerati whether they would be interested in working together to create an exclusive design for the website audience.

Ten of them stepped up .. and ICE and FIRE began.   In the early days no one had a clue what might develop.

There were lots of discussions about the colour schemes.    The thing with a community Sew-a-Row is that everyone has their own thoughts on colours, fabrics, designs, even the thread. But slowly the lighthearted banter began to solidfy and ICE and FIRE jumped off the design board.

Who would have realised we had ten such brilliantly talented people in our midst.    More than that, the two groups have created very distinct, different designs.

ICE is cool blues and creams, drawing on the cold arctic scenery in the North down to the fresh blues of Australia down under.    The quilt is drawn together in a flurry of snowflakes and a custom quilting to bind the final version.

This lovely ‘Coo’ is waiting to meet you all

FIRE is the polar opposite.  Bright vibrant reds and golds in offset rows pulled together by the flames from a roaring warm fire licking up the sides.

Here’s a sneaky peek at one of the rows during development

Both our lovely Sew-a-Row finished quilts will be on display on the British Patchwork & Quilting Stand at the Festival of Quilts 2018 so pop and say hello to Helen Kent, who was one of the designers and quilted ICE.  There will be a full article about the making of both quilts in the September edition of the magazine too.

Each week, for  ten weeks starting next week, you can download the individual rows for yourself – for free – and create your own versions.  Each of them are made from scraps, so you might want to choose an alternative colour scheme.  Don’t be put off .. ICE is raw edge applique, which you can create simply and easily.    FIRE are easy patterns to follow too.  Perfect to brighten up the coming winter months.  Each week the designer of that row will share her blog so you can understand where her ideas came from, with lots of extra hints and tips to help you make your own versions.

Once you have created your own quilts we hope you will share them over at the UK Quilters United FB Group for everyone to enjoy too.